Benefits of Mindfulness

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How can Mindfulness be Helpful?

Mindfulness promotes a way of being that helps us to take better care of ourselves and lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. It also enables us to access inner resources for coping effectively with stress, illness or any difficulties we encounter in our day-to-day experience.

Positive Effects of Mindfulness on the BodyAccording to over two decades of published research, people who completed a mindfulness course experienced results including:

  • Reduced pain levels
  • Reduced levels of anxiety and depression
  • Increased ability to relax
  • Lasting decreases in physical and psychological symptoms
  • Increased resilience to both short-term and long-term stress
  • Increased self-esteem and sense of self-in-relationship
  • Increased ability to act effectively under high levels of stress
  • Increased sense of ability to positively influence one’s own health

Mindfulness is about changing the way we relate to our experience. It helps to develop a more positive outlook, which can have benefits in many areas of our lives; it’s not just about dealing with problems. Through mindfulness, people begin to see small beauties and pleasures in life that we normally ignore or take for granted. Life becomes the exciting situation that it actually is.

“There will always be waves, but we can learn to surf” (Jon Kabat-Zinn)