Mindfulness Refreshers

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Mindfulness Follow-Up Classes

Follow-up Mindfulness Classes in BristolMost participants who attended an 8-week mindfulness course would agree that they initially felt very excited about learning mindfulness skills, but they found it challenging to keep their practice alive and eventually their discipline started waning.

Self-motivation is often our main driving force, bringing us back to the meditation cushion, but many of us need inspiration from others and a chance to share our insights and challenges in order to keep practising regularly. We also need to remind ourselves of the reasons for practice, otherwise it will become a tedious task empty of meaning.

The Follow-Up Classes are an opportunity to:

  • renew your connection with mindfulness
  • deepen your understanding of the principles underlying mindfulness
  • share discoveries and/or difficulties arising within your practice
  • discuss questions you may have about any of the mindfulness themes, such as acceptance, turning towards the difficult, self-kindness, and others
  • spend time in a supportive group environment

Each session will consist of a guided meditation practices, an exploration of a particular mindfulness topic, and an opportunity for discussion.

Suitable for anybody who has attended an 8-week mindfulness course (or an equivalent training) with any mindfulness teacher.


£95 for a block of 6 sessions

Each session will last 1.5 hours. It is not possible to pay for individual sessions, and this is for two reasons – having a group of people that are committed will build a supportive group with a sense of continuity. Also, it is our experience that people feel often more committed when they pay upfront.

Times and Dates

Weekly from 7pm to 8.30pm, dates to be confirmed.

Follow up Bristol Mindfulness Classes


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