Mindfulness-based Counselling

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Mindfulness-based Counselling


How does it differ from conventional counselling?

Mindfulness-based counselling offers an integrated approach, using a combination of meditation and talking therapy. The awareness arising out of mindfulness exercises is used to deepen the insight gained from therapeutic exploration.

By combining mindfulness meditation and discussion, a more profound understanding is facilitated through the process of opening one’s mind and seeing one’s patterns with more clarity and compassion.

Increased Clarity

In order to achieve sustainable change, it is necessary to understand what causes our difficulties and how our ingrained habitual reactions can contribute to pain. The first step therefore needs to focus on calming down the whirlpool of our emotional reactions, so that we can see clearly. Seeing in this case means understanding, clarifying, making sense of. When this ability to ‘see’ is fostered, a long-lasting change is possible, as our innate wisdom is allowed to surface above the muddy waters of powerful emotional reactions, and we can be guided by our wisdom.

One of the main roles of a mindfulness-based therapist is to create a supportive and compassionate environment, in which this transformation can be fostered.

Location and Fees

All sessions take place at the Clifton Mindfulness Studio, in Clifton Vale, Bristol. Each 60 minutes session costs £50 and concessions are available.

Next step:

Call Miro Cansky on 07765 515 662 for a free 10 minutes discussion – Miro will explain to you what to expect from the sessions and you can ask any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can contact Miro here.