Online Mindfulness Courses

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Online Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness Sessions over Skype or Telephone

Mindfulness 8-week courses at a time and place that suit you.







The problem

Over the years of teaching mindfulness we have seen many people struggle to attend courses in their area. Different obstacles often get in the way, including difficulties with arranging child-care, getting through busy roads or traffic congestion, dealing with demanding jobs that make it hard to leave the office on time or simply physical tiredness at the end of the day.

Other people just don’t feel comfortable in large groups and would prefer to learn mindfulness in an environment that feels safe and confidential to them.

The Solution

To give as many people as possible access to mindfulness training, we can offer one-to-one teaching programmes over Skype, Google+ or by telephone.  Now you can learn mindfulness skills from the comfort of your own home, at a time that reflects the demands of your life.

The benefits of mindfulness distance learning courses

  • complete confidentiality and privacy
  • the opportunity for an in-depth exploration of mindfulness practices
  • a personal approach to your needs  leading to rapid and effective learning
  • the ability to ask questions relevant to your own situation
  • there’s no need to travel; you’ll save time and will avoid unnecessary stress

 Distance Learning Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness Training over Skype or Telephone

Our flagship 8-week programme, the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction course, explores the theory and practice of mindfulness, offering a structured and supportive learning environment and an individual approach to each student.

Miro Cansky, an experienced mindfulness teacher, will work through the course material with you in 8 one-to-one sessions. You will be emailed MP3 sound files with guided meditations and a course manual to support you between sessions.


Please note that in order to fully benefit from the course, you will be asked to commit to practising mindfulness for up to 45 minutes a day for the duration of the course. If your situation does not allow you to make such a commitment at this point, we would suggest that you wait until your circumstances change.


Corporate rate £450 inc VAT (if your organisation pays for you).
Personal rate £350 inc VAT (if you pay as an individual).
The fee is paid securely via Paypal before the first session.

The fee includes:

  • a free initial session to discuss any questions you might have about the course
  • 8 weekly mindfulness sessions, each 60 minutes long
  • individual instructions in applying mindfulness to your daily life
  • study of the syllabus covering the full 8-week course
  • guidance from an experienced mindfulness teacher
  • additional email support if required
  • a certificate of completion for CPD purposes on request

What previous participants have said

“The flexibility of working with a teacher from home was brilliant. At first I was worried that meeting online won’t be personal enough, but it felt almost identical to face to face sessions. I learned so much in such a short time. Thank you!”

“I really appreciated the personal approach of Miro and his ability to attune himself to what was happening for me. I tried meditating before, mainly from books, but I needed somebody to guide me through tough times when I struggled with the practices. This course was invaluable and my practice has been flourishing since.”

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