Bristol Mindfulness Course Reviews

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What Previous Participants Have Said

Bristol Mindfulness Courses Testimonials

I just wanted to say an additional thank you for the excellent Mindfulness course. It has proven beneficial in areas of my life that I hadn’t even thought about. It has made me much more capable of handling difficult situations, and has helped me live in the moment so much more – something that I previously struggled with.

This course has felt so brilliant and exactly what I have needed. I’m so glad I have been involved. The befriending practice felt like a breath of fresh air, and has seemed to make me really be able to tune into little things that help nourish me. I have had occasions of feeling excitement for my life, during this week, such as painting again, maybe travelling. My inner world ¬†seems bigger, and I felt more energy and more alert.

Thank you for the all-day retreat. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I hoped it would be relaxing. And it was relaxing, but it was also really inspiring and sometimes challenging. This day has taught me that I have spent my life distracting myself from or trying to drown out the noise of my mind. I have always surrounded myself with noise, music, TV, anything to avoid being alone with my thoughts. The silence surrounding today made me realise that through mindfulness I’ve learnt to turn down the noise and see through it, rather than having to hide from it. For the first time ever I enjoyed silence, and I understood the value that this focus can bring.

This course was really down to earth and achievable which is refreshing. Whilst at the same time not offering empty promises and not kidding me that is was not going to be hard work. It helped me to create space in my mind and gave me coping strategies to deal with stressful situations.

I especially liked sharing experiences with the group; hearing about a different take on ways to be with our feelings, the sitting practice and the conversation about reaching boredom/ flatness in our practice. Handouts and CDs were really appreciated. Also, the poems were lovely. Miro has a very accepting presence which makes it easy to engage at whatever level feels right. I felt as if he paid attention to detail and did what he said he would do.

As I am currently facing some difficult marital problems in my life at the moment I have found this course invaluable in helping me cope with stressful situations and also enable me to approach awkward conversations with greater composure.

The course has come at precisely the right time with me as it coincided with a realisation that I spent most of my time getting through life, rather than enjoying it. The course has taught me techniques which will help to make the latter possible, which is great.

The retreat was fantastic and I haven’t felt that good in a long time.

I thought you were a brilliant teacher/guide Miro. Thank you!

The course has been very important for me. I have been looking for ways to help change the way I deal with stress, negative thoughts, or simply, to learn to be happier, more content and be at the present. I came across mindfulness and I think this can change my life.

What really helped is learning that there is more our mind can do apart from doing and thinking. Being aware that thoughts and feelings come and go, and we do not have to be too caught up by them.


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