Mindfulness Supervision

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What is Mindfulness Supervision?

Mindfulness-SupervisionMindfulness supervision is a space of support, reflection and growth. It offers a personalised teaching container where supervisees can bring both their questions and doubts, but also celebrate their achievements. Issues raised in supervision are explored in a non-judgmental fashion, leading to a greater insight, deepening of the supervisee’s teaching skills and increasing of their confidence.

It is essential that the whole process of supervision arises out of mindfulness practice – that is why each meeting starts with a brief period of meditation, to set the tone for the session. The focus for the rest of the session varies and depends on the needs of each supervisee – it can reach from supporting students in deepening their practice, to clarifying particular teaching points of the various mindfulness exercises and theory presentations, to enabling students to feel more comfortable with leading enquiries. During the sessions, insight and understanding is gained not only through the use of intellect, but also through connecting to the deeper wisdom of the body, outside of the driven-doing mode of functioning.

Is Supervision Necessary?

The good practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses (UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers) recommend that experienced teachers who teach regularly should have mindfulness supervision at least monthly during the periods that they are involved in mindfulness work.

How are the mindfulness supervision sessions conducted?

You can choose between:

  • Face-to-face sessions in our office in Bristol
  • Telephone sessions
  • Skype sessions

Mindfulness Supervision Fees

1 hour – £50
½ hour – £35


Dear Miro, thank you so much for offering our student a placement and putting so much effort and commitment into the role of supervisor. I know she has learnt enormously from the process. 
Alison Evans
Senior Lecturer/MBCT Therapist and Trainer – Exeter University Psychology Department


Please contact us for more details or to book a session.