Mindfulness in the Workplace Training Programmes

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MindWork Training Programmes

Brining Mindfulness into Organisations

All MindWork training programmes are custom designed to meet your particular requirements. Our programmes include:

  • description of mindfulness
  • instruction and practice in various forms of mindfulness
  • research results on applications of mindfulness in health and workplace settings
  • neuroscience research on mindfulness-based interventions
  • special applications of mindfulness in the workplace to team building, interpersonal communication, resolving conflict in the workplace
  • how to create more enjoyment in your workplace through mindfulness
  • a take home programme for introducing mindfulness into your daily life
  • follow up support with your mindfulness programme

Significant Impact

Benefits of Mindfulness in Workplace ProgrammesThe significant beneficial changes to be reasonably expected from attending a MindWork Training course:

  • a reduction in participants’ levels of stress
  • an increase in their levels of emotional intelligence
  • increased interpersonal sensitivity and lower levels of impulsivity
  • higher levels of personal resilience
  • lower rates of health-related absenteeism
  • increased self-awareness and awareness of others
  • enhanced communication skills
  • increased concentration and attention span
  • a greater capacity to hold and manipulate information
  • improved sleeping patterns
  • lower levels of psychological distress, including depression and anxiety
  • improved creativity and greater innovation
  • higher levels of well-being and overall work and life satisfaction


If you want to discuss in more detail how to bring mindfulness into your workplace please continue reading  here.