Mindfulness in Bristol

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Life is an exciting situation, but all too often this is not our experience. Life has a habit of not behaving how we want it to and either we find it stressful or a dull treadmill with little pleasure. It does not have to be like this. It is possible to radically change our experience of life – to enjoy the excitement, reduce the stress, and enliven the monotony through the practice of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is an innate ability of the mind to be present in every moment. It allows us to experience our life in its full dimension. The richness of our existence is constantly available to us, if we only open ourselves to it. Mindfulness training offers us an opportunity to re-connect with this openness, clarity and inherent wisdom. As such, mindfulness is ‘for all’ as it can be practised by all people, regardless of their mental capacity or spiritual inclination.

We are passionate about sharing the mindfulness practices with all those who are interested in discovering this natural quality of mind. We run mindfulness courses in Bristol and the South-West England and also offer mindfulness one-to-one sessions and online training.

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